Fun Fact: We really are assholes 

“Richmond serves one purpose. Lee must defend it. If we threaten the city, he will have to confront us. Lee will soon learn … we are not going away. If it takes all summer … if it takes all year … it is only a matter of time before General Lee must face the consequences.”
— General Grant, The Last Full Measure by Jefferey Shaara

Nobody uses the word dweeb anymore,

im bringin it back,

you fuckin dweebs

will i go anywhere in life with low to average grades?

D’s get Degrees

My five panel has sweat stains,

from you know,

me actually skating.

suck it you pretty boi “oh this skateboard is a fashion accessory” dweebs 

“Remember when time was all we had?
no care for the sand in the hourglass,
each new night,
was another shot,
to stake our claim on a parking lot,
remember when friends we’re all we’d need?”
— Timecop, Iron Chic

Rick Mccrank - Yeah Right